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What does an event planner do?

Souvenir Weddings & Events

An event planner, also known as an event coordinator, is a professional who specializes in organizing and executing events, such as weddings, corporate events, conferences, trade shows, and more. In this blog post, we'll explore the role of an event planner in more detail and provide insight into what they do.

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How Event Planners Use ChatGPT to Improve Their Planning

Event Planning

By using ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool, event planners can create a big advantage for themselves. In addition to saving time, creating run of show, personalizing their communication, making event brochures and marketing materials, brainstorming incredible new ideas and much more.


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Best Project Management Tools for Event Planners

Hello Endless Events

Today’s event planners rely on technology to get the job done. No matter if you’re managing multiple tasks related to an event, keeping your team in order, or communicating with clients, you’ll likely use a digital project management tool. There’s not one perfect tool for every event. Forget the pen and paper.

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Podcast: Client Experience Tips for Wedding & Event Planners

KJ and Co.

In episode 57, Sam and I Sam speak about the journey of my business, KJ & Co, which started primarily as a wedding planner business. And also what I’m focusing on now: helping wedding and event planners build better systems, streamline processes, and ultimately make more money without sacrificing their time with family and friends.

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Reaching Out to Experienced Event Planners: 10 Do’s and Don’ts!

Carissa Kruse Weddings

You keep on asking what does it take to become a wedding planner. The short answer is reaching out to experienced event planners. I will try to make it more specific with actual steps and tips that you can follow to become a wedding planner. Or do you have a specific question about a particular aspect of event planning?

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Why do Event Marketers Receive More Credit and Respect Than Event Planners?

Hello Endless Events

She asked, “Why do event marketers receive more credit and respect than event planners?” . Event marketers and event planners do, in fact, often receive credit, financial support, and recognition differently, which makes this an excellent question. Defining the Roles: Event Marketer vs. Event Planner.

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5 Things Event Planners Should Know

Cvent: Event Marketing

Being a successful event planner is synonymous with juggling fire in front of a crowd. Whether you’re an event planner by profession or by chance, this blog is for you. These are five things event planners should know. Event planners don’t have it easy, but the importance of the job is clear.