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Master Certified Wedding Planner Feature: Chastity Kelly

Certified Wedding Planner Society

Expertise and Knowledge: The certification suggests that I possess a deep understanding of all aspects of wedding planning, including budgeting, vendor management, timeline coordination, and problem-solving. Professionalism: Clients view this additional certification as a mark of professionalism and commitment to excellence.

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Things You Can Expect From a Full-Service Wedding Planner

The Road to Marriage

Clients who choose this service typically like to do their own research, find the best deals and enjoy problem-solving. Clients who choose full-service value a professional’s expertise, problem-solving skills, and ability to think ahead to the what-ifs.


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Brain Dumping for Event Professionals: Part One, Identifying and Organizing Stressors

Planning Pod

Stay tuned for the next part, where we’ll discuss how to start problem-solving and strategizing with the results of your first brain dump. Brain dumping is my favorite approach to problem-solving, with both business and mental health applications.

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Crafting Your Wedding and Event Brand: Stand Out In The Crowd

Rock Paper Coin

Share your knowledge, showcase your problem-solving skills, and leave them wanting more. Offer a Sneak Peek Free consultations, downloadable guides, or budget-planning tips are like wedding cake samples: irresistible teasers of your expertise. Keep It Fresh, Keep It Fun Your online presence shouldn’t be a dusty old photo album.

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How to hire your Central Oregon wedding planner

Ponderosa Planning

When you hire professional vendors, you can trust that they know how to problem solve and they are connected to other vendors in the community which helps create redundancies. They are insured We exclusively work with licensed, insured vendors… and you should too.

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Embracing Wedding Education: What Wedding Planners Need to Know

Carissa Kruse Weddings

6) Problem-solving and crisis management Despite meticulous planning, unexpected challenges may arise during a wedding. Wedding education prepares you for such situations by teaching problem-solving techniques and crisis-management skills. Final Verdict – Wedding Education There you go, folks!

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How To Choose the Best Event Management Software Provider


A reactive attitude goes beyond problem-solving. Problem-Solving Mindset The problem-solving mindset involves a consultative approach and the ability to present alternative paths when challenges arise. Providers with a problem-solving mindset actively seek to understand the root causes of challenges.