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Eight Fast Facts from the Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide

Event Marketer: B to C Events

How agencies can use Pinterest’s trend report to help clients stay ahead of the curve In a world moving at the speed of culture, brands not only have to maintain relevance, they need to stay ahead of the next big thing—a task they often charge their agencies with. Pinterest trends start earlier and last longer than trends on other platforms.

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I Got 99 Problems & Pinterest is Most of Them

Rachel Willis Events

Before I get into what is probably going to come off as me bashing Pinterest, let me just say I love using Pinterest as a reference ! When I make mood boards, I’m usually starting with Pinterest, then hitting Google & Insta if I can’t find what I’m looking for. Because that means it hasn’t been done yet!

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Pinterest Best Practices for Wedding Pros

KJ and Co.

Pinterest has become a vital platform for wedding professionals to showcase their work, inspire couples, and attract clients. We know that couples and their entourage use Pinterest daily, scrolling through curated content and searching for specific keywords. Pinterest is also a search engine. Luckily, that’s why I’m here!

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How to Plan Your Dream Wedding in Italy with Pinterest

Exclusive Italy Weddings

Pinterest is a useful tool for all the brides-to-be and wedding planners: here we share our best tips to use it for your destination wedding in Italy. Read More

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The Brief: Weed Sponsorships and Predictive Palettes

Event Marketer: B to C Events

PINTEREST UNVEILS A PREDICTIVE PALETTE You’ve heard of the Pinterest Predicts report that details emerging trends pulled from the social media platform, but what about the Pinterest Palette? For the last four years, 80 percent of Pinterest’s predictions came true. Color us impressed.

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The Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media - How to Manage Wedding Client Expectations vs. Budget

Certified Wedding Planner Society

The Positive Influence of Social Media: Inspiration Galore: Social media platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest, serve as treasure troves of wedding inspiration. It’s like opening Pandora’s Box, full of dazzling ideas that seem too good to be true. The creative possibilities are endless!

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A Joyful Explosion of Zesty Colour: Ali & Chris' Gloster House Wedding

One Fab Day

Pinterest boards at the ready! Ali and Chris' Gloster House wedding day is bursting with colour, personality, and personal touches.