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What does an event planner do?

Souvenir Weddings & Events

An event planner, also known as an event coordinator, is a professional who specializes in organizing and executing events, such as weddings, corporate events, conferences, trade shows, and more. In this blog post, we'll explore the role of an event planner in more detail and provide insight into what they do.

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How Wedding Planning Is So Much More Than Managing the Day

The Road to Marriage

Contrary to popular belief, professional wedding planning (and event coordination) is about so much more than managing the wedding day. Your planner or coordinator is like your wedding’s project manager. Vetting vendors. Creating checklists. Overlooking contracts. Making timelines.


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Embracing Wedding Education: What Wedding Planners Need to Know

Carissa Kruse Weddings

Wedding education covers various topics such as wedding traditions and rituals, budget planning, vendor management, event coordination, and much more. 4) Event coordination This is the backbone of wedding planning. Wedding education provides you with the necessary skills and techniques to manage events smoothly.

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Let's Get Real: Wedding Coordinator prices

Sweet Gardenia Weddings

Now let's talk wedding coordinator price points: What does an event coordinator who charges $250-$1,000 do? This price point is the standard for new event planners. As you plan yourself, you'll be taking several hours away from your life and on your special day. They most likely are new.

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6 Tips on Running Payroll for Live Events [Guest Post]


Live events, meetings, and shows have one thing in common: everyone at the event has to get paid. That means the event coordinator, the executive, and everyone else who makes your live event get past the planning stages needs a reliable way to earn a paycheck.

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Brain Dumping for Event Professionals: Part One, Identifying and Organizing Stressors

Planning Pod

Planning Pod is an event management platform for wedding professionals, event coordinators, and more. The post Brain Dumping for Event Professionals: Part One, Identifying and Organizing Stressors appeared first on Planning Pod Blog. Want to learn more? See how we compare to Aisle Planner and Honeybook.

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Why one must consult a wedding planner?

Panigrahana Weddings

Event coordinators willingly take up all the stress out of your wedding preparations, which not only prevents you from feeling burned out but also helps you to solely engage in the functions. Getting impartial advice in terms of possibility, budget, resources, and more from the professionals in the field just let you breathe in peace.